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Bridge template paint using cost-effective

Release time:2018-03-23 17:29:21

Bridge formwork paint is used as a special paint to replace engine oil, salad oil and other mold release agents. Once it is available, it is widely used because it greatly improves the appearance quality of concrete, and it is passed on from word of mouth to improve the appearance of concrete. A tool that is missing is to analyze the cost-effectiveness of bridge stencil paints as follows:

First, protect the steel formwork and extend the service life of the bridge formwork to ensure that the steel formwork is placed outdoors or in rainy weather without rusting. As we all know, after stencil rusting, it takes a lot of manpower to remove rust, and sometimes it takes repeated rust removal. The labor costs and time costs are also astonishing, and in particular, sometimes due to land acquisition, demolition, and project progress. In the case of suspension of work, the stencil has been seriously rusted outdoors for a long time and it has been difficult to repair the pits;

Second, improve the appearance quality of concrete products, full of concrete color, to achieve the effect of fair-faced concrete, the concrete is imitation marble molding, smooth, uniform color, delicate touch, shiny, no pollution, so that the quality of concrete products on the appearance of grade , is the preferred material for excellence projects. With the intensification of market competition, the quality of concrete appearance has become a very important indicator, and the cost of the use of bridge formwork lacquer accounts for a negligible proportion of the total project cost. In addition, if the management is strengthened, the saved labor will be enough to offset the bridge. The difference between the stencil lacquer and the traditional oil release agent is even cheaper to use;

Third, the film surface finish is good, naturally forming enamel, easy to release and clean up, improve work efficiency. As we all know, if the bridge template is placed outdoors even if it does not rain, if oil is applied, the following problems will occur: Mosquitoes and dust stick to the oil and it is difficult to clean up. Moreover, the use of traditional oil release agents must be cleaned after each demolding. It takes a lot of labor to sand the bridge form several times.

Fourth, the bridge template paint price 40 yuan per kilogram, brushing 20 square meters per kilogram, a single cost per square meter is 2.5 yuan, the turnover of 3-5 calculations, a single cost of only 0.5 yuan -0.8 yuan, according to the current The cost of passengers is 200-square meters per passenger dedicated line and intercity track, and the cost is only 100-160 yuan. According to the current labor cost, each pier body will save at least one labor cost by 80 yuan compared to the use of traditional mold release materials. The cost of using a mold release agent is quite the same as that of using oil. If you consider the savings in rust removal, it will be more cost-effective to use a bridge template paint.

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